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The Road to Sangkhlaburi

Travelling to (& around) Sangkhlaburi; by private or public transport:

A/ Private: car (4-5 hours; free parking)

B/ Public: bus; minibus; train; local green minibus.

Directions by car:

Route Bangkok to Villa Scĕnns from Kanchanaburi AH 343; straight road to TPP; 1 or 2 ID check points.
At TPP continue on the AH323; hilly and curved with some nice views of Khao Laem lake; until, near Sangkhla, continue straight on the 3202 B/ Public:


Mini-vans from Bangkok Morchit bus station via Kanchanaburi, Saiyoke (Nam Tok) & Thongphaphum (TPP) to Sangkhlaburi; take a mini-van to Kanchanaburi bus station then another mini-van to Sangkhla from the same station.

Mini-vans Bangkok southern bus terminal ("sai dtai") to Kanchanaburi bus station; (early 'til late) 2-3 hours.
Buses from Kanchanaburi bus station to Sangkhla
Bus99; 09.30, 1 per day, 3-1/2 hours.
Red buses; not air-conditioned: 1-3 times a day; 4 hours minimum.

Bus stops in Sangkhla    Bus 99 (Bangkok bus)    Red bus & local green minibus station
Motorbike taxi station nearest to Bus99, Red bus and green minibus stations    2nd nearest


Minibus: Bangkok Morchit & Sai Dtai bus stations to Kanchanaburi (3 hours; 7am on; shuttle)
Kanchanaburi to Minibus station map Sangkhla   (3-1/2 hours; 6am; shuttle each 30 mins. (contact 034 513 151)
Motorbike taxi stations nearby the Sangkhla minibus station - maps Nearest taxi    2nd taxi    3rd taxi    4th taxi    5th taxi


Train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi train station.

Train from Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station to Nam Tok Saiyoke. Buses from Nam Tok to Sangkhla; the return journey has better bus-train connections.

Bus99 departs after 10am; tickets at Raynoo restaurant (the bus stop in Saiyoke) 20 minutes walk from the train station.
Red bus (stops by request), ticket on the bus.

Kanchanaburi Bus Station Phone: 034 515 907; Raynoo restaurant, bus stop and ticket office for bus 99 Saiyoke 081 880 1987

Reminder: transport on long week-ends or holidays can get very busy - best to allow extra time.
From Kanchanaburi there are 3 or 4 check points checking ID's. 5 to 15 minute bus & van breaks at Saiyoke & Thongpapum.

Local transport:

motorbikes & bicycles for rent (at various coffee shops and resorts);
van; green "songtou" with driver for hire; prices typically B900-1400 per 5-7 hours (depends distance & time)
motorbike taxis for hire, Motorbike taxi stations near Scĕnns Villa;
transport to & from the minibus or bus can be booked for you (advance request is best).
street & area maps available for you at Villa Scĕnns.

Things to see or do around Sangkhla:
bridges, lake, rivers, national parks, caves, villages, waterfalls, mountains, culture & shops with links to maps.

Things to see or do on the way to Sangkhla:

In Kanchanaburi:

The “Bridge over the river Kwai” aka "Saphan maenam Khwae".

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission).

Thailand–Burma Railway Centre a museum near the cemetary.

Near Kanchanaburi:

Giant mimosa rain tree; 10km south west via highway 3429 & 3209.

Between Kanchanaburi and Thongphaphum; (easiest with own vehicle).

Erawan waterfalls .

Saiyoke noi waterfall (at short dual carriageway; place to take a break).

Saiyoke yai waterfall.

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum in the Tenasserim Hills about 12 km past Saiyoke.

Hindat Hot Springs; 43km North of Hellfire pass.

Near Thongphaphum (easiest with own vehicle):

The Vajiralongkorn Dam (formerly Khao Laem Dam) for views of Khao Laem Reservoir.

E-Tong village about 45 minutes from TPP (to enjoy fresh seafood from Myanmar).

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