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The Lemon Tree room.

The Lemon Tree room: with hill forest & water views. King sized double bed, up to four extra beds, air-con, spacious 23M2, en-suite, More photos

The Bergamot Tree room.

The Bergamot Tree room, hill forest & garden views. One small double bed & one long single bed, air-con, M2 en-suite. More photos

The Cinnamon Tree room.

The Cinnamon tree room: with hill forest, water & Wat Wang Wiwekaram views. One King sized double bed, one extra single bed, air-con, M2. More photos

The Kaffir Lime Tree room.

The Kaffir Lime Tree room: hill forest, water & San Nok Wua mountain views. One Queen size double bed, one extra bed (single), air-con, 10M2 plus balcony. More photos & information.

Ground floor rooms: 1/ The Lemon Tree 2/ The Bergamot Tree.

Top floor rooms: 1/ The Cinnamon tree room 2/ The Kaffir Lime Tree.

Free gated & roadside parking available.

External CCTV: gardens & parking areas.

Stay 2-3 nights to make your visit more worthwhile.

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scĕnn@scĕnns.com Tel: +66 (0) 8060 23184
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Villa Scĕnns, Tambon Nonglu, Amphoe Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi, 71240, Thailand.